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Cubic Zirconia is a Great Alternative to Diamonds

Cubic Zirconia is a Great Alternative to Diamonds

Cubic Zirconia is considered a top choice as an alternative to diamonds. In this blog, we'll explain the reasons why this is the case and make some comparisons between the two.

Here are the 4 main reasons why cubic zirconia is the better alternative to diamonds:

1. Origin

One of the main differences between the two would be that they have different origins. Diamonds are found in the earth and mined, while cubic zirconia is man-made in a lab. Because cubic zirconia is a man-made product, there is more control over how we'd want the 'diamond' to look. In other words, they can be made to look flawless by design, easily resembling a natural diamond of the highest caliber. In some cases, the cubic zirconia can exceed in clarity and sparkle when compared to that of a natural diamond.

2. Budget Friendly

As you should already know by now, diamonds are very expensive. A 0.25-carat diamond can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. These prices are always fluctuating, but they're based on the "4 C's of Diamond Grading".

These 4 C's cover the four categories that determine the monetary value of the diamond at hand:

  • Cut: the shape and faceting of the diamond
  • Color: the lack of brown or yellow coloring
  • Clarity: the lack of visible surface flaws and magnified internal flaws
  • Carat: the size and total carat weight of the diamond

In general, the most desired diamonds are the ones that are flawless, both externally and internally. This means that they are free of marks or other inclusions. Lastly, they'll exude a clear brilliant white coloring that allows more light to pass through the diamond. The multiple facets within the diamond also refract the light in a certain way that is visually appealing.

On the contrary, cubic zirconia is much friendlier to your wallet. To put it in perspective, you'd have to pay hundreds and even thousands for a 1-carat diamond. But if you were to get the cubic zirconia alternative, it would cost only $10 to $20. Because this is the cheaper option, you can build out your jewelry collection with even more amazing pieces that you would've never been able to get with real diamonds.

3. Eco-friendly and Socially Conscious

Concerns have been raised about the manner in which diamonds may be mined in some parts of the world. Hence, there are people who do not want to contribute to the conflict as they are concerned about the environmental and ethical implications that arise from such.

For example, blood diamonds are diamonds that are mined in war-torn areas, usually to fund warlord operations. Many times, the working conditions are very unsafe, and they'll have children working in the mines as well.

In contrast, cubic zirconia is made in a lab, and it is made odorless, colorless, and virtually flawless. For any socially conscious and ethically centered human being, the cubic zirconia is preferred as it does not involve any suspicious mining tactics.

4. Safer Diamond Alternative

This might be obvious, but walking out in public with really expensive diamonds can be very dangerous depending on the context. Carrying such expensive items can make you a target to get robbed, and that is the last thing you'd want with your jewelry. Nonetheless, there has been a recent rise in buying cubic zirconia diamond alternatives. If the alternative is robbed or lost, it is much easier to replace the jewelry than to replace real diamonds. In some cases, people will buy a cubic zirconia version of their diamond jewelry. This is so they could still wear their jewelry out without having to worry about losing them.


In conclusion, cubic zirconia is both affordable and valuable. Additionally, cubic zirconia jewelry is much safer to wear in public and does not have any ethical or environmental implications.

With all of these advantages, you can't go wrong with including cubic zirconia jewelry in your accessory arsenal. Cubic zirconia jewelry can definitely add to your style and enhance your personal brand!